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Garage Door World is proud to offer state of the art screen systems from leading manufactures Mirage® and Durascreen. We are sure to have the perfect solution to turn your patio, porch, gazebo or garage into the perfect bug-free living space you've always dreamed of. With quality parts manufactured in North America, Mirage® and Durascreen screen systems are among the best in the business, capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions, providing you with a long-lasting screen system that will enhance the value of your home. A screen system that effortlessly merges indoor with outdoors allows you to take in the beautiful Tampa Bay area weather with all the comforts of an indoor living space. You also won't have to worry about those pesky love bugs! Contact us today to see how we can take your patio, porch, or garage to the next level.

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Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems

Garage Door World is proud to offer the residents of the Tampa Bay area with retractable screen systems from Mirage®. Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems seamlessly merge indoor living spaces with the outdoors, letting fresh air into your home and creating a healthy and relaxing environment. Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems are porudly manufactured in North America and are constructed using the finest quality materials available. From the internal componets to the screens themselves, Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems are made to last. Use the links below to find the perfect screening solution for your home.

Mirage Retractable Screen DoorsMirage Retractable Window ScreensMirage Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Durascreen Garage Door Screen Systems

Durascreen's automatic retractable screens and vinyl panels are the ideal solution for turing your garage into a gorgeous insect free living area with ease. With high-quality parts manufactured in the USA, Durascreen systems are made to last. All of Durascreen's retractable screens are custom made for you, guaranteeing perfect fit and functionality. Check out the various garage door screening solutions Garage Door World has to offer by clicking the links below. And contact us for a consultation to find out what the perfect screening solution is for you and your home.

DuraScreen Automatic Garage ScreensDuraScreen Dual Track Garage ScreensDurascreen Fixed Garage Screens

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