Mirage® Retractable Window Screens

Mirage® retractable window screens are designed for all types of windows and are custom made to fit your home. And, just like Mirage® retractable screen doors, Mirage® retractable window screens are built using the highest-quality materials, ensuring you have elegant retractable screens that are made to last. Some of the beneftis of Mirage® retractable window screens are:

  • They remain out of site when not in use
  • They let fresh air in while keeping pests out
  • They can also help reduce energy cost by promoting cross-ventilation throughout your home

Free, No Obligation Consultation from Garage Door World

Mirage® Retractable Window Screens

Are you wondering if a Mirage® retractable window screen system is right for you? Ask the experts at Garage Door World! You can schedule a free, no obligation consultation and our experts will advise you on the perfect screening solution for your home. The consultation includes:

  • Demonstration of how Mirage® window screen features operate
  • Help deciding on the perfect custom color to compliment your home
  • Full explanation of the screen installation process
  • Review of the warranty, annual care, and maintenance plan
  • Complete measurment and installation note for your specific windows to ease the ordering process if you should decide to proceed

Following the meeting, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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