Screen Door Solutions by Mirage®

Mirage® Retractable Screen Doors

Experience the effortless smoothness of Mirage® Retractable Screen Doors. Constructed of the highest quality components, Mirage® Retractable Screen Doors are among the smoothest on the market and are very easy to use. 

  • Mirage's PivotPro handle makes opening the door effortless
  • Teflon infused pull bar guides allow for frictionless operation
  • Brass bushing allows for the rollers to spin easily and increases the longevity of your door
  • Factory balanced roller tube ensures steady and stable functionality

PivotPro Innovation

The Mirage® PivotPro makes using your door as simple as possible. With just a simple twist of the handle the magnet releases from the closure allowing the door to effortlessly open making it easy to use for children and the elderly.

  • No more tugging and pulling
  • Able to be opened with one hand
  • Ergonamically designed
  • Designed to fit all door applications
  • Simple installation

The Perfect Screen Door Solution

Retractable Screen Doors from Mirage®

Mirage® retractable screen doors are custom made to fit your home, apartment, or condo for guranteed fit and effortless functionality. Mirage retractable screen doors are a perfect solution for:

  • Entry Door Screens
  • French Door Screens
  • Patio Door Screens
  • Sliding Door Screens
  • In-Swing Door Screens
  • Out-Swing Door Screens
  • Terrace Door Screens

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