Replacing Garage Door Cables - Tampa Bay Area

Garage door cables play an integral role in the proper and safe operation of the garage door. These cables are attached to brackets at the bottom of each side of the door and work in unison with the garage door springs to lift and lower the weight of the door as needed.

Types of Garage Door Cables

There are several types of cables found on your garage door.

Lift cables

Lift cables are found on doors that are equipped with torsion springs. In this configuration, the cables are attached to the bottom corners of the door and routed to the torsion springs located above the door.

Retaining cables

Retaining cables are found on doors equipped with extension springs. The cables are found inside the extension springs, which run vertically on the left and right side of your garage door. The sole purpose of retaining cables is to prevent the springs from flying across the room if they break.

How do I Know if my Garage Door Cable Needs to be Repaired?

How to know if they need to be replaced? Usually with a garage door cable it can be visually noticed that the cable is broken or frayed. It is recommended that you do an annual inspection of your garage door cable. If you notice it is frayed then you should have it replaced.

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