DuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen Panels

DuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen PanelsDuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen Panels are the toughest on the market. Tired of screens sagging or getting damaged? This is the screening solution for you. DuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen Panels are custom made for each customer using a stretch screen fabric that can absorb massive amount of energy. Whether its a wayward golfball or a tipsy party guest, these screens can stand up to anything. They will absorb the impact and instantly restore itself to its original taught state.

Easy Installation

The stretch fabric used to construct these screens make these screens very easy to install. Able to strecth in any direction, these screens are virtually sag proof. You simply stretch the fabric over your desired area, install the screws and voila, a perfectly installed screen. These screens will continue to hold their shape over time regardless of the punishment they take. It will be the last replacement screen you'll ever buy.

Custom Made for Any Opening

With DuraScreen's exclusive stretch fabric technology, these screens can provide any opening with a perfect, no-sag screen. Whether its large openings, like garages, or oddly shaped windows like octagons or triangles, DuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen Panels will provide a perfect fit every time. Contact the screen experts at Garage Door World to see how DuraScreen Fixed Garage Screen Panels can transform your home.

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