Durascreen Automatic Retractable Garage Door Screens

Original designed for the commercial and agricultural markets, Durascreen garage door screens are among the toughest in the industry. As demand grew for these durable screens, it wasn't long before Durascreen began manufacturing screens for the residential market, allowing home owners to create a pest-free environment without sacrificing much needed airflow. Today, the Durascreen Automatic Retractable Garage Screen is the most affordable way to turn almost any outdoor space into a pleasant bug-free haven.

Available in a variety of shade degrees, ranging from 72% to 92% to solid vinyl to clear vinyl, you can fine-tune your screen to create the environment you desire.

Self-Sealing Garage Screens

All Durascreen Retractable Garage Screens are self-sealing and are the only self-sealing screen systems on the market. Durascreen's patented track design make this possible. Manufactured using industrial-strength anodize aluminum, the tracks are mounted to the sides of the garage opening, preventing gaps and keeping the screen taught. Then, along the bottom, a durable vinyl gasket allows the bottom rail to mold itself to the contour of the floor, creating a perfect seal.

Quiet Operation

Durascreen Automatic Retractable Garage Door Screens are also quiet. Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, your screen is quickly and quietly deployed with a convenient remote. Similar to your garage door, only quieter.

Affordable Garage Screens

While being the best in the industry, Durascreen Garage Door Screens are affordable. Contact Garage Door World for a quote to see how a Durascreen Garage Door Screen can enhance your garage today! We will work within your budget to find the perfect screening solution for you.

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